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The videos on this page are from the Midlands Fraud Forum website, and each portrays the story of real victims of crime told by actors. The common thread is an “if only” message that the victim has learnt the hard way. It may be “if only I had checked” or “if only I hadn’t been so greedy”.

The victims portrayed range from an 88 year old who was ripped off by her carer, through to young students who were scammed on the internet and social media.

Please use the video controls to view full screen and/or switch the captions on.

Gives advice on customer not present, customer account fraud and dishonest colleagues.

Fake Police officer rings elderly couple and collects credit/debit cards from them.

Victim of dating website loses £20k.

Elderly couple engage builder then hotmail account hacked.

Elderly lady trusts her carer who then empties her bank account.

Student buys fake insurance off Gumtree, prosecuted by Police.

Student who receives e mail that he has had tax refund of £250, adds bank details and loses everything.

Housemates steal students identity, steal her student loan, money launder through her account.

Bankrupt who acts in the management of a company and is imprisoned.

Sold raspberry ketones and aloe vera for £12k and persuaded 90 yr old to stop taking warfarin.

Ponzi/boiler room fraud of investor who loses money.

Owner of business over relies on employee who takes £300k from business by writing cheques for cash.

Accounts administrator subject to spoofing app – false phone call from bank with number disguised.